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The Full Story


So, hello !! .. i'm Dal .. long timer on the planet and still glad to be here ..

This project started during lockdown ( remember that?)

.. whilst watching a documentary on Sky Arts about iconic music photography and i thought - crikey - i can do that !! ..and then i decided to have a crack at the photography first , and now i'm attempting to cover the vibe and atomosphere on individual gigs.

With a background of wedding and sports photography, the "working on the fly" attitude holds me in good stead for the chaos and excitement of gig photography with ever changing scenarios .. i any good? .. well sometimes yes, sometime not so - but i just blame the lighting - !!

Just ask the good lady and No.1 fan .. about the whinging. 

.. anyway- enough for me now .. i hope you enjoy the site and you'll find me around "pits" and bars either in the

MojoStone US Football or Baseball shirts 




simply .. 

to create a scenario where our clients get the atmosphere and vibe of gigs so that they want to book future 

tickets for their desired artists


" bring the music and atmosphere to your devices" 

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