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all aboard the Tekkno Train ...

o2 Academy, Birmingham , UK 28.10.2023

Approaching Birmingham o2 academy in 5-4-3-2-1 – the final UK date of the "Tekkno Train” World Tour arrives with a crescendo of noise, confetti cannons and the energy that us “elders” cannot cope with anymore, however we are carried away by the bouncing around of the “youngsters” and the German outfit that is Electric Callboy.

Forming in 2010, this electro-pop- rock outfit from Castrop-Rauxel which is a mining village not too far from Dortmund, has taken the world by storm in recent years and with sell out tours in the US,UK and upcoming Australia following the serious, not so serious catchy tune “We Got The

Moves” and “Pump It” singles which sum the band up perfectly. The band following is certainly of

cult status, with fans flocking to venues, album signings etc in 80’s shell-suits, headbands and

mullets style wigs (that’s just me) to show that is not just “Hypa-Hypa” – IT’S THE REAL DEAL. !!

So, to the show ..there seemed a massive abundance of energy like the kids who’d had too

much candy on Halloween and were not going down lightly, mix this up with your Monster drinks

and the arena was electric, and with grown men following the lead of “screamer” frontman Kevin

Ratajczak by becoming Ninjas for a few minutes, the show was definitely going to be special.

Now the magic of this band as we know is that they do not take them selves totally seriously, and

the recent cover of the 90’s hit “Everytime We Touch” by Cascada (check out the video) proves

that they still have an affinity with the dance vibe, however mixing it up half way through , thus

creating a raucous twist which proves that they certainly do know how to play their instruments to the heavier side of the tracks…

This band !! Singing in German and English (lets face it – we attempt the German lyrics but fail miserably) are super talented and know how top keep a party going , even the drum solo by fan favourite David Friedrich which is whacked out to the huge dance anthem “Sandstorm” by

Darude, but yet it works fantastically well .. which gives the other band members enough time to change into their 80’s mullet wigs for fan favourite “Hypa Hypa” – and the energy is still going strong !

A brief nod to the singalong section during the acoustic part of the show, with a rendition of “Let it Go” (Frozen – yeah that one- its still in my frikkin head!) and Backstreets Boys “I Want it That

Way” with afore mentioned Kevin playing on a bright red cock n balls shaped piano .. well,

nothing surprises me with these guys.

After the near riotous mosh pits and jumping up and down, the band re-appear for the encore –

arriving on stage in full 80’s shell-suits, headbands to perform “Pump it” and with the heavy

“Mindreader” , we arrived at the swelling of anticipation, well, we were all waiting for it and they

truly delivered to the effervescent audience the now iconic Electric Callboy anthem “We Got The

Moves” .. with more ribbons and tickertape which would not look out of place in Times Square on

New Years eve .. queue lots of head nodding (you need to view the video) to the beat before WE

DO IT AGAIN !! .. and then the lead chorus of duh-duh-duh-de-duh ..and the place goes mental ..

To end, a gig that does not disappoint, and before long, Electric Callboy will be selling out huge

venues around the world..

Set List :


Tekkno Train

MC Thunder II ( Dancing like a Ninja)


Hate / Love

Everytime We Touch ( Cascada Cover)

The Scene

Castop X Spandau

Arrow of Love

Drum Solo ( Darude Sandstorm)

Hypa Hypa


Let it Go / I want it it that Way ( Acoustic Singalong)


Fuckboi – with Charlie Rolfe

MC Thunder


Pump it


We Got The Moves

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