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Electric Start ..

the #NWOCR Sunday session at KKs Steel Mill in Wolverhampton started off with the four piece hard rock band out of Hitchen, "Electric Black"

.... their ascendency through the pubs and clubs is well known and they deservedly took the stage to grace us with their presence .. and boy did they wake us all up from our Sunday slumber (some from the previous days shenanigans).

Rocking their way through the set , frontman Ali took control of the huge stage alongside the super cool capped Jonny and even cool looking Ryan on bass .. and obviously all orchestrated from the rear by drummer Matt. These hard rocking UK vibes from bands such as Electric Black are again pushing the fact that UK rock music is the heart beat of world rock music and these chaps are destined for much bigger and better things ..

This was a small set, but that comes with opening the days proceedings, but as a photographer, I easily remembered these chaps and they happily hung around for the day promoting their tees / cds etc ..

Suggest that you take them for a spin .. follow on usual social media outlets and via the website

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