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From Newport to the World: This IS Skindred

Updated: Mar 18

o2 Academy , Birmingham 16.03.2024

 25 years is a long time , but 25 years is a huge amount of time in music, especially nowadays, however, Skindred are now living the dream in a big way like many bands can only dream of .. but now it is their turn to be the shining light for British Rock Music .. and boy, are they just that !!

After the huge deserved night at the OVO Arena, Wembley, the tour rolled into Birmingham and despite the wet weather , the 3000 strong crowd patiently queued in anticipation of a spectacular night of ragga-rock music – in a crowd busting / pit swirling frenzy of excitement.

So, following the awesome supports of

“As Everything Unfolds” and the legendary “P.O.D.”, the boys from Newport went to the darkside .. the lights went down and the stormtroopers waited patiently whilst the “Imperial March” anthem had the crowd going dah dah de dah .. and all that- you know how it goes ! , before the fazers signalled the start of the show.. and so did the spine tingling excitement..

Strutting around as the UK’s king of Rock – Benji absolutely had the audience in the palm of his hand, the huge black n white UK flag proudly being waved around, shades on!!

Skindred are on a huge high following the MOBO award win just last month .. and pounded out the bangers with the “pit” getting ever fervent with the energy ( and alcohol) flowing as the banter between frontman Benji and the audience ensued through the opening songs. Brief interludes of AC/DC “Back in Black” and Nelly’s “Hot in Here” within the songs “Pressure” and “Worlds on Fire” are proving their confidence to express different aspects of performance  and it has to be said – the best by far was the ragga-metal showdown of The Proclaimers hit “500miles” which, lets face it – you are not going to hear very often at a rock concert !!

As mentioned, Benji had the audience in the palm of his hand and this was expressed fully as he orchestrated a battle off between one side and t’other with “woop-woops” and “that’s my jam” – which when the song went into full flow the audience did not forget their part in the performance .. a truly magnificent showman and a quarter of a century experience right there.

So, the show came to an end, and upon their encore – there was only one thing left to be completed – the now world famous Newport – Helicopter !!!! .. and if you do not know – where have you been ? – just google “Skindred Newport Helicopter” - it is the best way to cool down.

The song “Warning” has been a mainstay of the bands set list since its release in 2011 and its clear to see why and with cameo appearance from P.O.D.s Sonny Sandoval and daughter Nyla taking to the stage for a a fantastic to end a momentous gig and current UK tour .. next stop Australia.


Skindred Set List : 


1.    (Intro) – Imperial March

2.    Pressure

3.    Rat Race

4.    World’s on Fire

5.    That’s My Jam

6.    L.O.V.E. (Smile Please)

7.    If I Could

8.    Kill The Power

9.    Life That’s Free ( Acoustic Intro)

10. Nobody

11. Gimme That Boom



12. Our Religion

13. Warning


 Images provided by Neil Hughes / Instagram @concertinaphoto

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