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Hit Me Again !! ...and again, and again !!

Kira Mac : The Sugarmill – Stoke on Trent 3.6.2023

So !! ( tour joke) .. The Kira Mac band opened up to an absolutely packed out SugarMill venue on a pretty toasty Saturday night to the fast paced rocking “ Hit Me Again” which set the tone for a stonking home turf venue for this local girl, and the knowledgeable crowd certainly let the band know that they were on board. There are others in this band besides Kira, and they bounced around the stage with lots of hair swishing and adorating looks of appreciation picking out local friends rocking out in this popular venue.

You could tell it was a home gig by the communication and jokes between artist and audience before boldly going into the second track “Scorched” which holds the chorus line “Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned” .. and this latest single is adorned on many a t-shirt proudly being displayed around the venue, the song?, well typical Kira Mac song with a great riff, bouncing rock and as mentioned the catchy chorus line. Cue, lots of audience participation with raised hands and devil horns en mass. So !! , the gig progressed thru “Dead-man Walking”, hitting that epic high note that she holds so perfectly, followed by the gruff sounding album title track “Chaos Is Calling” and many more before culminating with the brilliantly received ( lets spell this correctly) Mississippi Swinging … honestly thought the roof was going to come off !!

Encore: So !! , introduction to a song called “Climbing” … an absolute belter of a rock track which was surprisingly heavy and my personal favourite , I’m certainly looking forward to hearing this and many others on the upcoming new album release. Ending the night with a fantastic rendition of “One Way Ticket” was a fitting end to a year on the road and success on Planet Rock who have proudly pushed and pushed this band to the point where you can see the ceiling being lifted even higher.

So !! – overall … CERTAINLY check these out on tour , and if not already – find them on your favourite music platforms

- : - : @mojostonephotography - : The Sugarmill Stoke on Trent

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