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In at the Deep End ..

so .. here we are .. the first blog for us here at Mojostone-Giglife

Midnite City "In at the Deep End" album launch at Eleven , Stoke ...

What an absolutely packed out night .. starting with an epic support from Star Circus to get the crowd warmed up and then the main act was ready to serve up a cocktail of old and new material

(which when i was asked about thoughts upon the new material- back stage .. my response was - "ITS JUST YOU" ) ...... solid

Midnite City are just the perfect 80's rock band, consuming material with melodic, classic rock sound ..

So, the intro was unmistakable - with walk on sounds .. whilst Josh proudly stood upon his amp adoringly taking the welcoming audience screams and applause .. before smashing into "Ready to Go " ... the classic MC "Atomic" - anthemic "Girls Gone Wild" .. and "Hardest Heart to Break" .. all .. a great night and an album to follow up on from the successful "Itch you Cant Scratch" album of 2021

.. a great feel good band who are continuously touring around the UK through ought 2023/24

note - .. i got asked my fave tracks - so, here goes - "Someday" + "All Fall Down" - (live anthem IMO)

Additionally - Star Circus .. provided a superb opening act with a great feel for rock music .. future review to follow ..

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