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Man oh Mansworth .. what a show !!

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Mansworth : Queens Hall 5.8.2023

So, personally, a second viewing of the band fronted by ex-Piston vocalist Rob Angelico, following their inaugural gig in 2022 at MK Craufurd Arms .. and I can't you tell you enough how happy I was to see them ( and photograph) again!!

But this is a story of longevity .. Laurie Mansworth, well, despite his youthful looks has been around for decades in the industry, has shared the stage with some of the greats of British rock music legends such as Iron Maiden and Queen and toured alongside the rock legends that are AC/DC, this fine gentleman knows his stuff and this is clearly apparent alongside his current band, who hold the qualities of many who have shared the limelight of which he excels so eloquently. His talents do not stop there .. with him being manager for current main artists on the tour, The Treatment - but that is a story for another day - this is Manworths day .. but YES, he is a busy chap indeed.

So, the performance ... Slick, loud and truly a band on the up and up , and before long we will see them more and more and on their own stage with exciting new bands giving their full support , just like they have done on this current journey alongside The Treatment.

Showcasing all of the talents throughout the band, all artists get their own stage on which to perform on throughout the gig, which started with “Wont be Ruled by your Love” and “Children of the Sun”.. by this time Rob decided to lose the elegant jacket whilst band “leader” Laurie remained chilled with his jacket and “Top Gun” aviators .. the gig rocked on for some 60 minutes and to be honest went a bit too quickly and this in itself, proves that they have what it takes to take the step up to main stagers..

I could rave on more about the songs, but I think its right for me to suggest you go find their music or even – go SEE them live .. !!


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