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simply... Out of this World

The Halls, Wolverhampton 21.10.23

40 years is a long time in life, nay mind being at the top of your game in the music rock industry , however Europe have managed to do so with such style since their inception in 1979 through the big hair and shoulder pad days of the 80's and re-inventing themselves to the modern day rock genre.

Wolverhampton was the latest leg of their Time Capsule 40th Anniversary Tour and it was with great surprise to receive an email saying that their would not be any support band, however Europe, still fronted by Joey Tempest would be performing two shows which would span the decades and covering a huge 26 song set accompanied by teasers of the upcoming documentary about the band throughout the ages.

Following the previously mentioned docu clip, the band rocked onto the stage to the 1993 release "On Broken Wings" which certainly got the feet tapping and a few mobile phones

(annoyingly) being deployed for cherished memories of the evening's celebration. Quickly followed by the classic "Rock the Night" and then not too far away, a recent track "Walk The Earth" which has a defined heavier and enjoyable sound and remnants of one my personal favourite albums of the early 1990's, "Prisoners in Paradise". Set one was drawing to a close and song eleven was the highlight of the opening proceedings with the huge 80's ballad "Carrie" which had the audience well and truly singing along and a few emotional tears of joy as Joey belted out a perfect rendition of this monster song.

Set two was truly phenomenal for me personally as it covered a few tracks from the "Out of this World " album of 1988 which was the year I really decided that rock music was my prefered genre after brief interjections with rap and dance music, -apologies, I digress !!

I could quite easily plough through the whole setlist however that would mean this short review would begin to resemble a novel, suffice to say some 2.25hrs later, the night's finale arrived ( im sure you can guess) - "The Final Countdown" which obviously brought the house down. The band were truly fantastic throughout the evening and Joey's voice is still in tip top condition and the supporting members each played their part in entertaining this appreciative audience.

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