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Sons ( of Sons of Liberty)

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

With new frontman Russ Grimmett at the helm of these Southern Rockers, it not only brings a new dynamic and energy to the band, (clearly seen with their "upgraded social media posts"), but a new sound which is a positive step for bringing new listeners to the fold

.. So, Along with the classic songs such as "Rich Man , Poor Man" & "Up Shit Creek" .. come a few indications of new material to clearly suit the sound of Russ ..

With the band hosting the ever popular Robin 2 in Bilston ( West Mids, UK) and Russ admitting his nervousness with family in attendance, they certainly smashed the venue into life with their hard rocking, no nonsense music and truly confirming their status as mainstage artists and not the warm ups for #alleged larger artists.

Russ Grimmett

Sons of Liberty UK are still on tour throughout the UK with upcoming appearances at

Maid of Stone Festival

Firevolt Festival

Nene Valley Festival

: @mojostonephotography

: Robin2 , Bilston

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